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Question? (800) 323-2901 - FREE Shipping On Orders Over $100
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Casamera | The World's Softest Towels

We all have our shower routines. Some like them short and cold and others have more elaborate routines.In either case we think you deserve a reward at the end.

Preferably one that's velvety-soft, large enough to wrap around your body and doesn't smell of mold.

Living in Egypt we came to appreciate the level of precise craftsmanship and high quality of the materials used in linens. Noticing that the local linen products are a cut above and beyond anything else we’ve seen or touched.

Fueled by our passion (and aggravation) we began our journey of research and discovery. We found hundreds of variations of the same towel but none that checked off all the boxes. 

Meet your evolved bathroom experience.

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